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    Default A personal problem?

    How do other owners stop their homes from smelling doggy? My middle son called in to see me this evening and said, 'I can tell you've got a dog now Mum coz the house smells all doggy' I was mortified. He must have seen it in my face because he said ' not in a bad way' but it hit home. I've only had Alfie 3 1/2 weeks! I did post a question a little while ago asking how often you bath your dogs just as a general query, but now it's got me thinking. I was discouraged from bathing him too often. Does their smell just get in the air ? I vac daily as a minimum and use 'febreze' around the place. Is it just something you have to live with owning a dog or is there more I could do ?

    Smelly Diana and Alfie
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