Interesting post...I wonder if Brooklyn smells! Ha. My husband and I always comment on how much we love her smell, that we actually don't like the way she smells after a bath, not natural!

I absolutely hate dog smell too. I did not grow up with dogs, and since Brooklyn is my first one, I am so sensitive to it. She gets brushed daily, I brush her teeth, and FuzzYard make a wonderful refreshing spray for their coat (they also make one for the bed). And I wash her once every two weeks...if she is not smelly or dirty, I will stretch that. Also, I have reed diffusers all over the house in a neutral but nice scent. I too hate air freshener smell, so some really nice reed diffusers keep the place smelling nice always. I also light candles every night (but more for me than her!) and open windows and doors. I wash bedding every few weeks too.

I think that does it! But really, I just don't think Brooklyn smells....but it is always my fear because you know those people who smell or who's houses smell, don't actually smell it!