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    Toby is 11 weeks old today. I wanted to know if he was on track with a few things.
    I am finding Toby is alert and playing more than sleeping now. He will sleep for many a 1/2 hr at a time and will sleep maybe 2 to 3 times a day but does sleep all night. Is this normal for his age?
    Also he likes playing more with people than he likes playing alone. He will play alone for awhile on the floor but would rather us pick up a toy and play tug of war with him or throw a ball (which he will fetch but hasn't grasped the idea of letting go yet). If I do not pay attention to him is when he will come after my feet or if I am on the floor he will come after my hands in order for me to start playing with him. We are doing all sorts of techniques to get him to stop biting. I have found that a very high pitch in your face squeal does work (most of the time) but I am waiting for the neighbors to knock at my door LOL My husband on the other hand cannot get that high so that does not work for him so he is trying other things. I do put him in his playpen from time to time to play alone and he does well for awhile then he cries. Is it normal at this age to want to play with people more than playing alone?
    He is doing real well on training. He does come when called most of the time, does sit when told, does lay down when told and will roll over sometimes. We are still having a hard time with stay but that will come in time. We are making progress with walking. My husband did manage to take him to the mailbox but had to give treats along the way to get him to walk. I think he will get this in time, he said he will take him everyday to the mailbox to see how he does.
    He has not had an accident in the house in awhile. He is getting it now that the dog door is there for him not only when he is in his playpen but also when he is in the living room! YIPPEE!!
    Are we on track for this age?
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