Hiya, this is my first message. I've had cavaliers as pets for thirty years, 12 to be precise. I have three at the moment, Connie who's a black & tan she's 11, Andi a blenheim he's five, and Oscar a bleneim he's three. Connie's a ex-breeding bitch and a absolute sweety pie, Andi's an ex-show dog, and Oscar is a law to himself. I discovered not long after I got Andi that he had syringomelia, I was absolutely devasted, still not coping very well with it.My vet put him on Gabapentin 6 weeks ago, as he'd had a couple of episodes, where I thought he'd pulled a muscle, but I think it was his condition. Now 6 weeks into the tablets he does'nt seem to be any different, and I'm concerned that I am giving him drugs un-necessarily.I thought that these tablets would help when we go for a walk, but he still keeps scratching twirling his body. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. xx