Nela I want to say that I commend you for saying something to the group. I too have felt ashamed for buying a dog who's parents were not SM tested. I thought we were doing right by choosing a breeder who tests for MVD, eyes and Patellas. I have all the certs for the parents on these. I thought we did great at the time until I got home from giving a deposit and I went on a search for message boards to share my news and I found this board. It wasn't until I looked at the threads on SM that I felt a pit in my stomach. I tried going back to our 3hr conversation with the breeder trying to think if I just over looked that part of the conversation. I honestly don't know if it was discussed. I did immediately call the breeder and talk about it. She did inform me that none of her dogs were SM tested but have not shown signs of it and neither had their parents or any of the family. Sad to say but I put my head in the sand and took that and ran with it. I am very paranoid at anything I see with Toby now. We did get insurance for Toby and I cannot stress that to you enough, get it NOW!
It is very hard to admit that I was in denial and I am truly scared for Toby and for us. I am trying so hard to not worry about anything until its time to. I am trying to just love this dog and make sure he knows that I care. But I know that this will probably be a fact of life for our Cavalier and I have to face it head on. I can only hope this group will be there for me when the time comes and I am sure it will. I know we will need as much help as possible. I know I will need to take fact sheets to our vet as most don't know about SM. I want to give it to her in the next few months so she can be informed when the time comes.
I hope this group does not look down on me either. In the last few weeks I have seen many conversations that have made me scared to say anything. I really wanted to make friends with those that have Cavaliers and share all the great things that Toby does or the funny things he does. I hope I can still do this.
Good Luck with your Cavalier, Many hugs((())))