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I knew this would become a flammable topic... it was bound to go this way. Throughout the whole discussion I just didn't understand why Nela wasted everyone's time asking or advice on how/where to buy a healthy puppy but ultimately went and did something impulsive anyway.

This is a public forum and I believe that people have the right to speak their mind, if someone is going to post something like this... they should EXPECT to be publicly flogged! It's a sensitive subject and many members and their dogs are suffering because of poor decisions like this. It's unfortunate that Nela has left, I wanted her to stay, because she just might need the support of this forum someday. I wish her the best of luck.

It's a pity, because threads like this can cause schisms and make people leave a forum.


Have we not got to wake up to the Fact that our Cavaliers are are a very Sick Breed

How can they be any-thing else when about 90% are Suffering from CM

How is it possible for Cavalier Breeders to be able to Breed away from this Problem ,unless Fresh Genes are introduced to the Cavalier Breed.

I have said before and here goes again ,CM is Chacterized with Brains Too Big for the Skulls.

That this stops the flow of the CEREBRO SPINAL ,Syrinxes Form leading onto SM

So what can all the Health Testing of Cavaliers do about this.

Not a lot ,unless Cavaliers do not have CM or are Carriers of the CM Genes, and the Researchers have said that there are a number of Genes with this Condition.

I would think that at the moment there will be very few Cavaliers who do not have CM or are Carriers of the CM GENES

This is the price to be paid by being a Cavalier.

Let us all accept this Truth, and go all out to try an get Fresh Genes into the Cavalier Breed by what ever means.

The Pussy Footing around has to stop,