I didn't want to hijack any threads so I am placing a new one. I received Toby's AKC pedigree in the mail a week ago and wanted to bring this to the group but forgot. In the package was an information sheet about owning a Cavalier. On the sheet shows the breeds health concerns. I was shocked to see that no where on the sheet did it mention CM/SM For those looking for a new pet or for new owners who do not do research or do not have access to the internet (believe it or not I do know some who don't) and they get this information in the mail after buying a Cavalier, they still will not know about SM.
I did do some research on this breed before I bought Toby and nothing that I looked at on the internet showed CM/SM on the information. I do honestly believe that if I had seen that I would have steered clear of the breed without even a look at breeders. I cannot remember what the site names are that I looked at though. UGH I swear some days I think I have memory loss it runs in my family
I wonder why AKC did not put that on the information sheet. Any answers to this?