Toby is 11 weeks old will be 12 weeks in 2 days. We have only given him 1 bath since bringing him home at 8 weeks. We used Johnson and Johnson shampoo at the time because it was gentle and the vet recommended it for his first bath.
I am unsure at this age what his coat should feel like. His ears are very soft where as the rest of him is half soft half rougher. Should his coat at this age be all soft like his ears? He also seems to not have as much hair as I thought he would but I could be wrong at the amount of hair he should have at this point.
I did buy oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and plan to give him a bath tonight. He has now switched completely to Royal Canin 33 from Eukanuba puppy. The Royal canin does have fish in it so maybe that will help his coat?
Thank you for any advice