Thank you! I love hearing the word normal I definitely don't mind the shorter coat especially seeing how much he is shedding with just that much LOL I just wanted to make sure that he is headed in the right direction. I agree with the every 4 weeks for bathing as I did that with our Peke. Toby is starting to smell just a bit now but still not worthy of clothes pins on noses but its time to get washed. We are only a few days shy of the 4 week mark.
Boy did Toby come to the wrong mama for fish! UGH! My husband loves fish but I don't want it in my house. Starkist tuna is as good as he gets here LOL Thank goodness for pills! When Toby is old enough that is what I will be giving. I tell my husband to eat all the fish he wants in restaurants but he must brush his teeth afterward or no kisses from me

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Your puppy sounds normal! Coco also has had very soft ears. Her other fur is also soft but nothing like her ears. Coco's coat really didn't start coming in until she was around 8 or 9 months old too, so for now I would enjoy the minimal amount of brushing needed!

Also I have heard it is not good to bathe your dog more often than every 4 weeks. This can draw off the necessary oils from their skin and cause them to become dry and flaky, and eventually over produce oils and they become greasy and smellier when older.

Fish oils are great for skin and coat care too! And I like your idea about the oatmeal shampoo, those are always so soothing for the skin and coat and makes them shiny and soft