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Thread: One step forward, 4 steps back....

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    Default One step forward, 4 steps back....

    I am an avid reader of Dogs Today Magazine and have been for the last 5 years and apprieciate the focus they have on health andthe plight of the pedigree dogs of this country.

    We all know Jemima Harrison and I enjoy reading her views as she writes for the magazine.......

    however I was in WHSmith today and say that 'Your Dog' was doing a peice on the Puppy Buyers Guide to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so of course I bought it!

    It isn't an incredibly long article but It did focus much of the article on the importance of health stating that...

    "All parent dogs should be screened for heart and eye problems, they should be done on an annual basis and are a mandatory procedure. Breeders should be able to provide certificates to prove that parent dogs have had these tests. Parent dogs should also be MRI screened for Syringomyelia; this isn't yet compulsary but it is recommended and vital to the well-being of the breed. The test should be carried out between two and five years of age. Puppies should also be health checked."

    Its states the MVD, SM, Epilepsy, Cataracts, and MRD are the health issues are prone to and goes on to explain each in turn.

    I was suitably impressed with the honesty of the article and for anyone looking towards getting a Cavvie puppy it could make a difference to their desisions. (Although as we all know there are a few more problems that this breed is prone to!)

    So what are the 4 steps back............

    Well a few pages previous to the article there is a double page spread of KC acredited breeders and there are 9 breeders listed under Cavaliers, I've looked up these breeders on google and not all of them MRI scan their dogs and one of the websites says nothing about Health testing at all!!
    And then there is the classified section with puppies for sale where there aare 3 further advertisments for cavalier puppies- only one states a website which I had a look at and there is no information on heatlh testing at all.

    If a magazine is going to promote a breed for prospective puppy buyers then they could at least advertise breeders who are actually health testing!

    Needless to say I wont be buying the mag again!

    At least Dogs Today has the decency to state that unless a breeder is doing all the health tests recommended (which includes MRI scanning) they are not allowed to advertise in the magazine! I can't actually remember the last time I saw Cavalier Puppies advertised in the back which is sad but representative of the testing that some are/are not doing!


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    Default Amazingly ironic!!

    And sad that they would do this... I wonder if the breeders paid to be listed?


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