Dear Bet

I've started a new thread to respond to you, because what you wrote really didn't fit into the 'Not the best news' thread. You wrote: CM is Chacterized with Brains Too Big for the Skulls. That this stops the flow of the CEREBRO SPINAL ,Syrinxes Form leading onto SM. So what can all the Health Testing of Cavaliers do about this.

I think everyone would agree that health testing is an effort to control the symptoms and the spread of SM. No-one has ever claimed that health testing alone will solve the problem - though MRI scans are providing essential information for those researching into the causes of CM/SM. But the foetal tissue project is getting closer to the root of the problem - the lack of communication between brain and skull that causes CM in the first place, and why this happens. So besides advocating your own particular solution to the plight of Cavaliers (new genetic sources), I hope you are also encouraging everyone you know to contribute to and support the foetal tissue project (and all the other research projects as well, of course).

Kate, Oliver and Aled