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Thread: The Cavalier Collection Scheme.....Another little dog has given a gift for life

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    Default The Cavalier Collection Scheme.....Another little dog has given a gift for life

    "As you hold me in your arms and I close my eyes for the very last time I would like to leave a legacy of hope for the future..."

    So far this year we have had eight little dogs go into the Cavalier Collection Scheme. We owe all the owners a great debt of gratitude.

    Yesterday the latest little dog was taken to Edinburgh by his brave owner, and there he was PTS and the enormously important tissue samples, that are so essential for research, were taken very soon after his death.
    He will now be cremated and his ashes will return home to his owner.

    This little dog had SM, but his death was due to advanced MVD. The arrangements for euthanasia and postmorten were made through Professor Brendan Corcoran, who leads the research into MVD in Cavaliers.

    Samples were also taken for Clare Rusbridge's SM studies and the gene research in Canada, and for pancreatic and liver studies at Cambridge.

    This owner is also a breeder, and she is by no means the only breeder that has volunteered her dogs. To her and all other owners, whether pet owners or breeders, my thanks for the exceptional lengths you are willing to go to all for love of this breed.

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