I've been very down since Sunday, wha with Ruby being so poorly that I completely forgot to share the results of our Agillity Weekend!!

Apart from the fact that is was cut short by Ruby being poorly, Charlie did me so so proud and came away with 5th in Introductory Agility, 9th in Introductory Jumping and Came 7th on day 2 in the Introductory Agility too!

These were classes of 40 + dogs of all heights, so he ws competilng against all the Border Coliies and such like!

He was the highest placed Mini dog all weekend

And Ruby also had a sucess on Saturday before she fell ill and got a 5th place in the Introductory Jumping!!
She was the only Micro dog to place in the top 20, agin competing against all the large dogs!

She is taller than Charlie but because we only do the British Agility Association shows and not the KC shows she is allowed to jump the smallest height they have due to her SM- not that she appears to be struggling of course!!

So they came home with a big orange Rosette each!!