Some of you may know I have been looking into getting a puppy. I know it will take some time and I'm willing to wait. I am still not sure if I may show in the future or not which will be something a breeder would want to know. There are breeders that health test and show and you know I will be wanting one that has been tested. Anyway, there is a 4 year old ACKCSC rescue a friend has. I think Debra (Gracie) knows who I'm talking about. My friend has 2 Cavaliers but I asked her how Elton would be with a puppy. Keep in mind it probably will be a year before I add a puppy. I know with rescues you do not have health background. Since Elton is 4, I think if he had severe CM/SM that was symptomatic, most likely I could tell. I know it can appear later but early onset is what I've heard is worse.

The breed club rescues are great at working with vets and checking hearts etc. If there were patella, hip or eye problems, I would imagine they would already know? It would not do any harm to visit but my main concern is that I really want a puppy at some point.

Any opinions?