Well, I am really in minority...I think there has been other threads about the possibility of adding another dog and others had said not to. But I live and my dogs thrive in a multi-dog home. It is double time for training, attention, walking, double poop clean-up, double vet bills, and makes vacation time a hassle. But it can be done and it can be fun. And because I am a firm believer in rescue I applaud you thinking of adding a rescue now that needs a home but still keeping a spot for your special dog.

I think the worry is, now you are still so heartbroken that perhaps you are not thinking clearly. It would be bad decision to add a rescue you don't want and find out later, vs waiting. This is why I give the advice of fostering a dog or two before final commitment. I also know you had some concern about your work schedule. In the end you will do what you feel comfortable doing for your family. I am eager to hear some good exciting news anyway.