I would not take back one moment I had with ella. Wow, now I'm crying. So the answer is absolutely! Now, I just don't know if my heart is ready. Even if I got a cavalier or another dog, no matter how healthy things can happen and my heart might not be able to handle it. Take ella. I thought CM/SM would be what I faced but actually eating a string and having a linear obstruction is what caused her to be put to sleep.

Everyone said to get another one right after she got her wings and I knew it wasn't right. Maybe me writing this and it making me cry is a sign I'm not ready? Will I ever be? I have always been so attached to dogs so having another cavalier is a definate but do you ever get over the fear of not being able to open your heart?

I'm going to visit tomorrow, I just want to be sure I make the right decision and I'm talking myself out of it. I'm not like most who will see a puppy and be hooked. I've distanced myself like when you date a guy and they hurt you then you push others away?

I'm so confused

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