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Thread: Better to have love and lost then never have loved at all...getting another cavalier

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshinekisses View Post
    This is really a beautiful and heartfelt thread. Losing my first cavalier was so hard. She was my heart dog and I had a lot of emotional attatchment to her. We bought her because I was baby hungry and so she filled that void for me, then I had some medical issues of my own and I was bed bound, well my cavalier was always right there with me for hours in that bed. It was very painful when she died because she was such a huge part of me. I think it was somewhat easier for me to find that next cavalier because I had already started the process before Sunshine passed. I was already looking for a show dog so when she died it just sped up the process. However when I went to visit the first two litters the pups did nothing for me. I wanted to hold the mom dogs.
    I ended up fostering a couple dogs while I waited for a litter to be born, then grew and finally I was ready. So, just let your heart lead you. You will know when it feels right!
    That sounds like me I'm looking for the right puppy maybe show dog don't know or pet but will take time for right breeding etc. I'm willing to wait and.even for a rescue if its not right. I don't want to be a rash decision but just visiting may be a step. Elton is a little younger (ella just turned 5) but it seems right age. I want to make sure I can give a home that is best for elton or another furry friend

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    As everyone said, you'll know when you're ready, and you'll know who you meet your new dog/puppy to be. After Clint passed, it took me 6 months, and my husband a year (I think loneliness worked on me being able to get to that point sooner, being at home by myself after 13 years of having my furkid with me everywhere I went).

    After Mattie passed suddenly, it was only a month before we got Rose. My husband and I weren't really ready, but our 7 year old was and was lonely (and watching her try to get the elderly cats to play with her was kinda heartbreaking and funny at the same time- kids are so much more resilant than adults), so we got Rose. I thought it might be a little harder giving my heart, but it wasn't. The fear of losing her part, however, has been harder to deal with. In that aspect, I was not ready, but you do what you've got to do for your kids. So please make sure you know that you know that you know that your next love is "the one" and that you're ready, so you can enjoy every second and throw yourself into loving him or her wholeheartedly, without reservation or fear. Love and prayers for you as you work all this through and start this journey to bring another into your heart (((hugs))).


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