There are some vets about that do have much more Cardiology experience that others- I'm very lucky to have one at the practice I aam registered with.
He happens to be the owner of the practice as well but his field is Cardiology- but I don't pay as much to see him as maybe a Cardiologist would be.
I like you can't really afford to pay the consulation price for a Cardiologist at the momment and my little one has an exclusion for his heart on the insurance as it was pre existing.
All the while we are just keeping an eye on his heart for changes (which there hasn't been so far) I feel comfortable with that desision, although I must say that if it deteriorates I will certainly go and see a specialist.

There are many different problems that can occur with hearts and medicaion will be different for all of them and even if you just take George in for a definate diagnosis and then go beck to the vet for treatment It may be well worth it!