Picked up my little lady this morning!!!!

So pleased to have her home- the vet said that there is nothing that they can do there that I can't do at home now and she is definately ready to come home!

She has lots of Meds to take but has already been to the toilet and it was reletively hard! So she is able to pass through food again!

He also said that she is quite possible the worlds best patient and has been happy and polite for the whole time she has been in and hasn't complained once.
Which leads me to ask........ do you think dogs know that when they are poorly the vets is where they need to be?? I personally think Ruby does!

Thank you again for everyones kind words of support during this last week, apart from a few bald patches Ruby doesn't seem much worse for wear..... me on the other hand, well I think the 4 Coldsores and dark circles and a couple of extra wrinkles tell the tale!

I have to be very carefull with her feeding oer the next few days, strict Chicken and Rice 4 times a day- very small meals only, and then no Rawhide or chew sticks for a least a couple of weeks! I'm not risking it!