I've been researching dogs and breeders for the last 5 months and I finally made a decision. I love Cavaliers sooo much so I looked into breeders here. In the end I just couldn't find one in my area that did all the health testing and that I felt comfotable with. I adore Piper but he's likelyhood of having Sm is high and it is heart breaking to me.
So I decided to start looking at another breed I love which is the Cocker Spaniels. I found an American Cocker Spaniel breeder I was happy with and was on the wait list for next year litter. The only thing bothering me was that it was either a 8 hour drive to go get the puppy or she would have to be shipped. I really want to meet the parents before hand and have the breeder close enough to me to be able to see them when want or needed.

So on went my search.

Because I was also concerned about the health problems American Cocker`s can have I started looking at English Cockers. I found a breeder near me that does all the health testing and was very easy to talk to on the phone. So I have filled out her pupy questionnaire online and am now on the wait list for next year! I know it`s still a ways a way but Im so excited to be getting another puppy and friend for Piper and this time feel good in the fact that I`m doing in the right way with the right breeder!