Hi all:It has been a few years since I've been around. In, Madison, who was 3 years old underwent decompression surgery for sm. She appears to have done well (knock on wood) since then with the sm. She hasn't really yelped like she used to. She does still itch a lot. I would say that she isn't as with it as she used to be. She often barks at me during feeding time--even after I've put the food down--and gets confused running to and from her bowl.In any event, for some reason, I've noticed that she pants more and more when at rest. In fact, she basically is always panting except when she's sleeping. I think she also breathes really fast. So, I'm concerned about MVD of course. She is a little girl approximately 9 pounds and I have not noticed a cough or a temperature. And since she's doing it all the time and otherwise not exhibiting symptoms of pain otherwise, I'm thinking it's unrelated to SM. We've got an appointment tomorrow with the vet. Any other ideas or things we should look for? Many thanks,