So since I haven't had a puppy in almost 16 years I thought I would ask here.
When we first brought Toby home we didn't notice pink skin except for around his nose(although we were not looking for it either). Lately though we have noticed he has pink skin pretty much everywhere that I can see. He is also pretty warm. He does scratch and bite himself especially in the morning. First thing in the morning he goes out to the grass. I am wondering what grass allergies look like? We are currently changing over his dog food from Royal canin to Taste of the Wild. Taste of the wild is grain free. We are doing this slowly so he is on half and half. He hasn't had any shots in 2 weeks. He is due again on Aug 1 so we plan to have lots of questions to ask then.
Is the pink something that all puppies have? Is being warm something that is normal for 12 weeks?
Thank you