Last night, about 10pm, Sydney started panting really heavy. It would come and go but just didn't seem right. We waited a few hours but by 2am we could see it got worse. He couldn't even manage to get up. We went to the emergency hospital. They have him in an oxygen tent. The ER doc said his lungs have fluid. His heart rate was down to 60! They are going to give him an injection of Lasix and IV fluids, xrays, ekg, blood work, etc. When we left last night (or should I say early early this morning), he was awake but I could see that his breathing was already better with the oxygen. I'm waiting now for them to call me to see how he did for the rest of the night.

We had already had a planned appointment with his cardiologist for later today (she works out of the same emergency hospital), so we know she will see him before we get there this afternoon. His abdoman is also bloated, so I'm sure they will do an abdominal tap for that.

I'm exhausted and scared and just want him to be OK.