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Thread: Pedigree Dogs Exposed "Mark 2" - Should It Be made

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    Quote Originally Posted by anniemac View Post
    .you have to understand in the usa, very few people are even scanning. I was thinking of a puppy out of the country just so I could have scanned parents.
    It is up to determined buyers like you to keep asking for puppies from scanned parents and refusing to be fobbed off when they say...

    It is not necessary, the number of SM cavaliers is exaggerated.

    It is not necessary because I don't have it in my lines.

    It is too expensive.

    It is too far to travel for an MRI

    And then of course there is those who imply...... my dog has it but it is no problem, just a little scratching, just a limp occasionally, nothing to worry about, a lot of fuss about nothing.

    Anne, you had a cavalier with SM. We have many many USA owners who write asking for advice and support for their SM dogs.
    What do you think is going to happen when USA breeders continue to breed unscanned dogs?
    Will SM go away all by itself?

    Quote Originally Posted by anniemac View Post
    . I guess I live in a dream world.
    It appears that way sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by anniemac View Post
    . If anything, I wish people could know how to contribute to research, find responsible breeders and more of this is what you can do to help.

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    That's what CavalierMatters, Ruperts Fund, Cavalier Collection Scheme,CavalierPuppy Buying Advice, Cavalier Campaign and Foetal Tissue Research are doing. Interestingly all but one pet owner initiatives.

    Only FTR has had any support from Cavalier Clubs, and breeder support for that seem to be waning now that their key researcher has confirmed the scale of the SM problem.
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