Misty started coughing yesterday. I first noticed it after we came in from our walk around four, and it's continued into today. She cough's a couple of times, and then gags, like when she's going to be sick. She's does it after drinking,and it seems to be worse if she is excited too.

We took her to the vet this morning but he's not sure what it is. He says something is irritating it, and it could be Kennel Cough or something she's eaten. He gave her an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory injection, and sent her home with a weeks worth of Noroclav, and says to see how she is. If she gets worse or it isn't better in a fortnight (said this was standard if it was Kennel Cough) then to take her back in. He said there wasn't any point in trying to keep her away from Murphy at this point, is this right? If he suspects Kennel Cough what about contact with other dogs while walking etc?

She is a walking dust bin and will eat anything given the chance, but obviously we trying and stop her everytime we see any potential "snacks". I certainly didn't see her at anything yesterday, so I'm a little puzzled by what's causing this. She is her usual cheeky self, and is eating and drinking normally, and although she's coughing while out walking, she's energetic still.