There was a fun pet fair today. Instead of setting up I just went to look around. The turn out was CRAZY! Guess I picked the wrong show to "skip" LOL But on the up side we got to meet Shorty Rossi from the TV show "Pit Boss". He was there promoting spay & neuter awareness as well as raising money for his rescue.

Flash got LOTS of attention and he was so happy. Also he was a PERFECT little man! He remembered all of his training in public, stayed in heel the few times I put him down and remained calm & sweet the whole time. I don't take him out too much so I was worried he would be a little too hyper. I was so impressed! He sure "grew up" from his hyper puppy stage!

"Where we going?"

"Doggy Basket?"

Hercules from Pit Boss

"Mom WHO Is this guy!?"

Cavalier Kisses!

Chillin on top the stroller

Shorty Speaking

Ice Cold water on a Super Hot Day!

"YAY! We're home!"