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    Default Letting off the leash

    I took Alfie ( 14 weeks ) to the recreation park this morning, where I took him on Friday. As per usual we met other dogs and their owners. I got chatting to different people, and 2 of them said the same thing to me. Why don't you let him off his lead here? I said he is very young and Im worried he would get panicked by something and run off randomly, or even just chase after older dogs running free and not hear me calling him back..... even if he would come back. The reply from both was similar, do it now while he is young because he will be wanting to stay near you, and will run back to you if he gets scared by anything. One of them said if you dont take him off his lead until he is older, by then he will have become confident and not stick by you and then the problems start. Actually my vet also said this when we went for Alfie's second jab.
    What is everyone's opinion on this please?

    Diana and Alfie
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