Hi! I am so glad to have found this forum! I have found so much information about cavaliers, and I love all of the photos. We have decided on getting a cavalier spaniel puppy. Growing up, my family has always had cocker spaniels, which I have loved. However, we had a very bad experience with our last cocker biting at one of my children, so we ultimately had to rehome her last year. At the time we didn't know the temperament issues with cocker spaniels, because ours have always been wonderful. On our search for a new breed for our family, we came upon the king charles cavalier spaniel, and we've fallen in love! It's been overwhelming reading all of the information about the health issues associated with this breed, and it seems we need to be much more critical when choosing a breeder. I've looked at many breeders sites, but it is very difficult to distinguish the good from bad. We are located in southwest PA, and need help selecting a breeder to go with. We know we'll have to travel a little to get a cavalier pup, but are hoping to only have to go to eastern PA or Ohio. Thanks for any help with this, and if I've posted in the wrong forum, please let me know.