My Bentley is 6 mos. I expecting too much of him to be completely house trained? I'm starting to get frustrated. In the a.m. he goes out & does both duties. I leave for work & come home in about 5/6 hrs. & his crate is clean....never does anything there. I take him out, he again does both duties, and then all of a sudden, about 1/2 hr. later, I see he peed on the carpet. Tonight, I had him out for a walk, brought him in & he did #2 on my carpet. Sometimes he'll make a motion to go out & if I miss that, well then there's an accident. I try to be consistent with taking him out, taking walks, taking him to the same spots to do his business, I praise him, give him treats, & I just don't know what else to do. Sometimes I just feel I'm wanting him to be better with the house training than he is because he does know to go to the front door, but when he's there, he doesn't make a sound & I'm constantly watching him....then I turn my back and another accident. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I love him to death, he's my boy but I don't want him to feel my frustration. Thanks.