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Thread: Hunger Issues, Training, & (MOST IMPORTANT) A Trip w.o Her. Help? I Leave in 6 Days!!

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    Unhappy Hunger Issues, Training, & (MOST IMPORTANT) A Trip w.o Her. Help? I Leave in 6 Days!!

    Hi All,

    My Lucy is a year old, as of July 22nd! She's beautiful, healthy, strong, energetic---and HUNGRY.

    I was told that once she was a year, I should start feeding her twice a day, AT MOST a half a cup for each meal.
    But she's ravenous! I mean, truly hungry.. Not just 'food oriented' or anything... She's still hungry about two hours after she's fed-

    Is it possible that she is still growing? She's not getting fat, if anything she's a bit skinny...

    Also I'm having some issues with training that I'd really, really like to actually talk to someone about, in real time- say a chat, over AIM? I'm so incredibly stumped by these issues, and I'm quite embarrassed to bring them up on here...

    As to the third issue... As you all know, (and as I have come to understand) Cavaliers get incredibly attached to their owners.. Lucy is no exception.

    Mainly because of her training blips, I have to leave her with my father (who works full time), because I've been invited to a wedding a few states away. Lucy would be free to come- in fact she's been invited- but I'm so worried that she would really be a problem. I REALLY want to bring her- but the problem is I don't know how she'll do with her 'business'. The people getting married are good friends of mine, but I'm staying at a house of another friends family..

    What do I do? If I leave her she'll be so incredibly lonely- (not to mention I'll miss her terribly) and I don't want her to go through that. But I -- I'm just so stumped!

    Is there anything I can do to make this issue better? Is there any way I can give her a 'crash course' in the next six days before I leave?

    And if I leave her here.. Would she be better off in a home run dog sitters care? I know the woman, and we've had the pups there before when I had surgery, and they were never alone, treated so well...

    I'm at a total loss...

    Can anyone please chat on AIM with me? I have so little time and I am losing my mind

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    Maybe someone will accept the chat invite but just a quick response.

    1) this breed is generally always hungry. Very few individual cavaliers would NOT eat themselves to death given the opportunity! Literally -- I have had one of mine get into a bag of dog food in the hall and eat himself into a bloated stage that could have (but fortunately did not) require medical intervention. Do not judge what she needs by how hungry she seems as I am sure like most cavaliers she will eat herself obese given the chance. All my gang would happily eat an entire second meal right after eating their first. Two hours on they'd eat another. Obesity is a *major* issue for the breed which I have been told by vets, lacks the appetite 'shut off' gene. The amount a dog needs varies greatly by their level of activity, metabolism etc. There is no exact rule but starting with about a cup of food daily then adjusting down or up as needed, is good advice.

    2) I do not think you will resolve any housetraining problems in 6 days.

    3) While cavaliers are velcro dogs, I can honestly tell you they do not pine for owners who leave them, not for more than a few minutes (even my Jaspar who literally will shriek as soon as we get to his home boarding place and he realises he is being left -- as my friends do homeboarding I know he is out running around with the other dogs about 2 minutes after I leave ). I also have moved around so many foster dogs in doing rescue and they really have few issues leaving their families and settling in to a short or long term placement. They of course adore their owners and will be delighted to see them back again and settle back in at a home they know, but they are actually one of the easiest of breeds to settle into a home boarding/foster/etc situation. Whether your dad or a home sitter is better is really your choice as you'd know the pros and cons best. I personally would not leave a dog with someone not used to having a dog who might open doors. If she is fine being home alone inside during the day and knows your father's place then that is an OK option perhaps, but it sounds like the home sitter would be much more stimulating and satisfying for her.
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