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    Default Joining the ranks with Raw

    Well we are biting the bullet and starting the Raw food. We tried the Taste of
    the wild but Toby still has gas and stinky poo. He loved the food though and was
    excited to eat his meals. I figured we have tried most of the top brands of dog food
    while we had our Pekingese but not the Raw so why not give it a try with a new dog.
    I've always been the kind of person people hate in the dog food store because I am always
    searching for new and better food. I spent a long time in the store yesterday trying to make
    up my mind.
    I bought Instinct Raw Rabbit:
    They said it would be easier on the stomach to get used to. We are starting out
    slow to switch over. He had a bite of it last night. He ate it right up then
    continued on eating his kibble. I hope to have him completely on it by next
    We will be searching for knuckle bones this weekend. We have a femur but they
    said its harder than the knuckle bone.
    I am trying not to think of what all is in this food and bones. Its really
    gross when you are not one that tries things. My dad would be so ashamed of his
    daughter LOL Just talking about it in the store, I kept saying ewwwwwww!
    I need to ask our vet about giving salmon oil in the food before we do it but I do
    want to add that in.
    Anyway, I really hope he does better on this stuff. I just want a happy dog
    with no stinkies!
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