Here in SW Missouri we are in the throes of an incredibly hot, dry summer. Aside from that or as a result, I'm not sure, Bentley seems bored which gets him in trouble. He's 8 months old, potty trained (usually!), and a pretty good boy, but he's now going through another chewing spell with a vengeance! Early on he did damage to the base of our 75-year old pedestal table, then we went through a honeymoon stage on the chewing, but now he's chewing the woodwork in our nice house. Our leather recliners are a favorite target, as well. He has a huge outdoor pen but with 100 degree temps he can't be left out there. His only outings are potty breaks on a leash and, believe me, it's too hot to go for walks. The potty breaks are even difficult.

My question: I can't play indoor fetch with him all day long, or sit with his hot little body on my lap, so what kinds of toys/activities can we do to help with this boredom?