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    Default Coco has done a backflip...

    CocShe hasn't done a backflip literally, but she can no longer be trusted gated in the kitchen after I had just given her this new freedom. Coco has forgotten potty training It is really frustrating. She did so well the entire time we started this new regimen for her, and she was so happy, as was I proud of her too! The past 3 days in a row, I have come home to finding multiple pee accidents and always one poo as well. After the first day, I made her space smaller. Still happened on the second day. On the third day I put her back into the bathroom she had normally been in - she peed and pooped in there too So today I have her back in her pen, only I worry she will remember how to escape from it. I REALLY don't want to crate Coco again, as she had an incident once where her jaw got stuck in the opening.

    The strange thing is that nothing has changed except the addition of the puppy I am fostering, and trust me I am taking her outside regularly, always have and she has always been doing so well. Is it possible this is the cause of her forgetting all potty training?

    *To add, Coco is 12 months old in just a few days*
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