So Toby had his 3rd vaccinations yesterday and we got the go ahead to take him places but stay away from poo. So this morning we took him to petco to get him signed up for classes. He starts the first puppy class next Saturday. He enrolled him in 2 phases. There was no dogs in the store but loads of people who wanted to pet him. He was so very happy. Tail wagging and waiting for hands to touch him. He didn't bite anyone just wanted people to handle him.
Then it was off to get his county license. He is now registered and ready for a walk. We then took him to Capitol Lake in Olympia. Everyone goes there to walk around the lake. He had a Ball! He saw runners and wanted to run with them. He saw lots of people who wanted to pet him and he met 5 dogs that were very nice to him. He sniffed them and wanted to play with some of them but when a pug came up to him he sniffed it and then laid down in a submissive position. Not sure why he did that because the pug was very gentle. Is being submissive bad? He was standing tall around big dogs and wanted to play with them but the pug was a different story.
We were asked several times what kind of dog he was. There were people also guessing too. We got: Springer spaniel, Beagle and cocker spaniel LOL Lots of people said they had never head of a Cavalier king charles spaniel. Most people were on there way quickly though as everyone was on a brisk walk or run. No time to chat.
We plan to take him to a local park later today for some more walking and hopefully more socializing.
All in all it was a good time for him.
We noticed on this trip though that he would not go to the bathroom the whole time we were out there. When we walk our neighborhood he will though. It was weird.
He is now sleeping LOL
I tried taking video as we walk but he stops and goes so it was not easy getting good video. Oh and because he was so busy with watching people, he didn't try to eat anything on the path Its a first for him LOL
It was so good to get out with him finally.