Some of you may have read my post last week about Misty going to the vet as she was coughing. The vet we saw wasn't 100% sure what was the cause but said one of the things could be Kennel Cough.

Seems he was right, as this morning Murphy is coughing. So back to the vets for us, we've got an appointment at 11:15 this morning. I'm hoping it's a different vet we see, as the one we saw last weekend wasn't exactly helpful, but at the weekend you just have to see who's in.

Misty is still coughing a little, and she finishes her pills today, but Murphy's cough seems worse than what Misty's ever was, he's really choking and gagging when he's doing it. We've to take them both in this time, and wait in the car until it's time to see the vet. Typically it's looking like it's going to be hot today, all I can say is thank god for AC in cars.