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I don't think that this comes as any great surprise.
The fact is, that the majority of breeders do not want their Mri scan results to be publically accessible.
It's obvious that change comes very slowly through formal channels.That's just the way life is...inertia sets in and things reach an impasse with no obvious solution.
The kennel Club comes across as weak and indecisive about what they envisage as the future for the breed and what bugs me is the immediate calls across message boards for outcrosses to another breed,rather than supporting the breeders who want to improve health issues.
Now as for these wonderful caring breeders...
I've no doubt that they exist.But there's no unity between them,very little cohesion and cooperation.
If those breeders are serious about salvaging the breed,then they'd best stop faction fighting,put aside personality differences and start working together for the sake of the breed.
It's becoming Monty pythonesque...like the people's front of Judea vs the Judean people's front.
What's to stop, 10,12 or 14 breeders getting together quietly to exchange ideas on the way forward.
By creating a pool of stock....sharing health results,stud dogs,the best bitches and helping small breeders breed for health and not lose sight of the breed standard.
You'll be waiting a very long time for breed clubs to cater for the wishes of the minority.That's democracy for you unfortunately.
But by thinking outside of the box perhaps something more can be achieved.
Sins you always say things so elequently. I agree with what you said and I was quite upset last night about the outcrossing comments.

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