Hello ladies and gents! It'll be good to meet all of you regulars . With already browsing throughout

the Forum, and being very informative that it is, who am I to pass by and not be apart of this


I have previously kept Dogs that I have greatly loved to which they have sadly passed, but very much

remembered. Now I am on the trail for a Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, that I will be picking

up this upcoming 15th of Aug

A small outlook on myself? My name is Carl, 31 years of age and I am from England, located in the NW -

Liverpool. I enjoy all types of music and when I get around to it, I also enjoy toying around with

making remixes etc. As you can guess, music is one of my passions. But like many of us here, my main

Love is for Animals. I have one salt water tank and one tropical, within the last 10 years, down the

line I have owned up too seven tanks, from all shapes and sizes.
When I'm not at my computer I like to go too the gym, normally spending a good few hours. I am a

massive Horror fanatic, also! And it's not just the modern day Horror flicks that I like..the Black &

Whites movies have MASSIVE characters that you can not get, these days, for example - Christopher Lee,

Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, etc. You name it!

When I'm not fighting off Zombies lol I have an interest in the Paranormal.. I've traveled yards apart

from each end of the country and N. Ireland, as well.

I have taken part in over-night investigations for the last 9 years, venturing from Manor houses to

Ships/Castles and so on. If there was one place that I would do an, over-night vigil at, It would be

Alcatraz. For it's boisterous and remorseless history, and inaudible surroundings..It would be nobody

else, but my own wits and the equipment that I would need to capture either sound/vision, and of course

a torch/flashlight to see my way ahead!

Within the last few days I have been preparing for the little guy to come to his new home, as for myself and the rest of the family, we're all looking forward to his arrival. I'll be sure to post a hand full of pics on the day