Hi All-

Stupid question alert.. I've heard about AlphaSonic and I'm wondering if Scar Tissue already formed for a while would it help to manage or even dissolve it? My Corey had decompression surgery with swine tissue procedure 11 mo ago and just had his post op MRI last month. The result is good and bad. Good that there's no progression and bad that there may be scar tissue formation since the back of the cerebellum appeared flattened, but he doesn't know to what degree. I'm confused by this. He has been scratching more often lately while he's sleeping and first waking up not everyday but more bad days than good days and I've heard that hot weather plays a big role and I'm hoping that's the case certainly we've been having an extremely hot ones + humidity in NC. During the day he's doing well, still playing and very rare scratching episodes. I'm about to bang my head to the wall I'm so worried that he's starting to deteriorate again .