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Thread: Charlie The Stolen Cavalier - Now Home- Pls Read This and Be Careful

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    Default Charlie The Stolen Cavalier - Now Home- Pls Read This and Be Careful


    I posted about Charlie being stolen during June he was recovered safe last night .So I hope Karlin doesnt mind me
    posting this ending in the general section just in case members dont read the Lost/Found threads .

    This is from Charlie's true owner .

    well its nearly 1am... just back from st. helens with my adored charlie. such an emotional night. the new 'owners' had bought him 2 weeks ago and clearly were very attatched to him and loved him very much. when i left with charlie they were crying. its a terrible crime that has been carried out leaving so many lives affected. they bought him from someone in lincolnshire who provided a very plausible story , complete with a fake pedigree certificate. we are of course informing the police, who didnt take us seriously when we reported his theft in the first place! all that aside nothing could be better right now than the complete joy of my four daughters and the sound of charlies quiet snores as he snuggles next me. thank you so much everyone on here who has given us help and support over the last 7 terrible weeks.
    He was advertised on pets4homes and trade-it. i have given dogs lost more info including the womans mobile phone no. which when typed into google comes up with about 20 other dog adverts mainly 'stud dogs' but the police also are now involved so i am reticent of sharing too much info because i dont want her tipped off before the police can act. rest assured dogs lost are looking to see if any of the other adverts match known missing dogs "

    Hope the thieving bxxxxxx is caught and locked up or xxxxxx.So pls all keep an eye on them even when in your own garden .
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