I've been looking through advertising websites throught out the morning and i'm disgusted that they are allowing people to advertise anything and everything for sale... including 1 year old Cavaliers for STUD!!!

I called a couple of them to ask what their responsibilitys included when placing these adverts and was told that they are !"placed in good faith that the person wouldn't advertise a sick or compromised dog" What utter bull!
Oh and that they work alongside the RSPCA and take their advice on what breeds shouldn't be advertised!

Oh and then she said that they don't check whether the cars are MOT'd so why would they check the health status of a dog!!!! How can you compare a livingg breathing soul to a CAR!!!!

And then I got to thinking that maybe we should start trying to get some sort of regulation put on these websites to make it harder for them to sell Studs or puppies from a compromised breed like the Cavalier???

Any thoughts on this?