Random question (as usual with me haha),

I got my ruby Cav Lexie first. Her skin tone as always been a medium brown with a few darker brown pigments. Her gums are brownish black as well as the pads of her feet.

My Mom's blenheim's skin tone is pretty light, but still on the "brownish, beige" side. I'd say he probably has similar tone to me, maybe a tad darker (I'm Caucasian). His paws are pinkish but not PINK. His gums are the same way. To be a blenheim he has A LOT of ruby hair. He's more like a ruby with white spots rather than white with ruby markings.

Then there is my Sprinkles. Her skin is PINK. As in, piglet pink. When she's in the sun in a certain light, she actually gives the illusion of having light pink fur. It's kind of funny. We always joke that she's so pink because my little sister REALLY wanted a piglet... and we got Sprinkles instead. Her gums are extremely pink as well as her pads. She's truly pinkalicious!

Anyway, I'd always laughed about it and assumed a lot of dogs were this color until I took Sprinkles to get spayed the other day. Our vet talked about her pink skin in amazement for 20 minutes (new vet). He kept referring to her as a piglet or the frosting on a cupcake.

Anyone else have a pink baby? I am sure there are multiple different skin tones on cavaliers depending on genetics but I was just curious if anyone else had a pinkie in the family haha. I'd take some pictures if I weren't on vacation.

Here is a belly pic, she's a puppy on this one but it's the only one I could find with a belly shot. She's still this pink... if not pinker haha