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Thread: Brooklyn has become scared...of nearly everything.

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    Default Brooklyn has become scared...of nearly everything.

    So, Brooklyn will be 10 months old this month...and she has started to become startled of things that she was never afraid of before (in fact, she was never a skittish puppy at all). For instance, on our walk tonight she jumped at the skateboard (I know some dogs are scared of these, but she has seen hundreds and never batted an eyelash), she whipped around at the sound of a dry cleaning bag and she startled with scare at the sound of a car door that shut. A car door! I mean, how many thousands of those has she heard?? It is just a bit strange because she just seems a bit skittish around lots of things lately.

    The biggest one though...and I need HELP on kids! All of a sudden kids scare the you know what out of her. She cowers behind me, tries to dart away, doesnt want to be pet, jumps back...just wants out asap. I don't understand We don't have kids, so she isnt around them that often, but she never used to be like this. Any age, baby to a teenager...but its like she knows when they hit 16, because she isnt scared anymore. What I do now is say to the kids "no petting, just kneel down and let her sniff you". I always carry lots of treats in my pockets so kids who want to come up, I still say no petting, but just give her treats. Some though, reach in for the pet like it is a game and Brooklyn cowers like she is scared to death. I am very firm with the kids. I usually just say "not today" or give them lots of treats so feed feed feed and try to get them to not pet her (hoping that she just starts associating them with treats and good calm things).

    Anyway...advice? Help?! I am so lost

    Oh, and with adults, other dogs, she is just fine. Even cats, she is just fine, no worries what so ever. And she is not aggressive or anything at all...just pure and total fright, poor thing. I also never console her when she is scared so I don't nurture that behavior and "tell" her she should be scared. But instead, like when a skate board goes by, I give her a treat right away so hopefully "skateboard=treat" Really going back to basics here, but feel this is strange for 10 months old.
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