My rescue/foster puppy will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. So far I have seen a few signs in him that are causing me to worry. 1) he is humping things, I never knew dogs this young would begin this behavior. I distract him when he does it and he stops. 2) he sometimes gets VERY nasty, huge growls showing teeth, posturing, etc. Last night we were playing with a toy and he got very angry in the middle of it and attacked the toy and then moved onto my hand and it nearly drew blood.

I am so sad because he is otherwise a very good boy, and is already learning sit! I have him play with other dogs almost every day, and his bite inhibition on people is going very well except when he gets into his nasty little bouts. Is it normal for a puppy this age to experiment with these behaviors, or are negative solo-puppy side effects already beginning that I cannot reverse?