Yesterday we started Toby's first training class but we were very disappointed
with it. It was with Petco, we mainly used it because it was cheaper for 2
phases than petsmart. Well you get what you pay for! We didn't like it. There
was no other dogs in the class and the training room was a MESS! There was a
thumb tac on the floor there was dog hair from the grooming section on the floor
that he wanted to eat, there was boxes of toys and things everywhere. Not good
for a puppy! The trainer was nice but we felt she didn't have a plan. For 1 hr
we just did the name game. We felt we could have done more. It just wasn't for
So today we got our money back and went to Petsmart. Come to find out there was
a puppy class just starting in 1hr. We asked questions and felt it would be a
better fit for us. There was a German Shepherd and a Bichon Frise in the class
with us. The trainer was great! He was patient and informing. He was straight
forward and did a lot more training in the time we had. It was supposed to be a
1hr session but he took it to 1 1/2 hrs so each dog "got" the training and he
could watch and evaluate. He wanted to make sure he got all of the points done
for this weeks homework. It was very informative.
The German Shepherd was only 8 weeks and not interested in training he just
wanted to sleep. So the trainer will be doing private lessons with it to catch
it up to the others. He asked to have them bring the dog in hungry and not
sleepy next time.
The bichon frise was good but antsy. She did well with training for a time but
wanted to play mostly. She did do what was asked but not fast. I think next week
she will do much better.
Toby was on the mark today! He did so well. Today was about eye contact, sits
and the name game. He seems to always have eye contact and was so ready to
learn. He sat when told)and not when told) and looked at us and the trainer each
time. The trainer used him as a example lots of times and Toby was great for him
each time. We were so proud!
Toby does know a lot of this stuff already as I have been reading a lot and
trying each thing. He does sit, stay, come, down, rollover, shake and up. We
just really need to work on consistency and other things like leash training. I
can't wait until we get to these areas but we are still learning lots right now.
He was still ready to learn when the other 2 were ready to leave or play. The
trainer used him to teach the rest at the end because he was still at attention.
He did so well!
I can't wait for next week. This is such a better class than the other one.
Better trainer, better training environment and just a better class overall.
Well worth the little extra money!
At the end of the class we were able to take the dogs off the leash. The Bichon
was so antsy and ready to play but Toby is shy so having a dog come at him like
it did was not what he wanted. The Bichon climbed on him and chased him down.
Toby had his tail between his legs and wanted to get away. The trainer ask the
parents of the Bichon to put it on a leash and calm her down for a bit. Then
once she was calm he had Toby come to her. He did SO much better this way. He
actually got into a playing stance(butt up and face down) and actually barked at
her. He was willing to come up to her and want to check her out. This was so
good. He said this is what play should be, not one dog attacking the other while
the other wants to retreat. He said calm is good but over active is not. So calm
play from now on between these 2.
The German Shepherd was a good match for Toby as it was shy too so the both
were calm and just sniffing each other and just "being" with each other. It was
Now to keep up with the homework because we will be evaluated next week. Lots
of work this week!