Hi, I need a few tips please. We have 2 Cavaliers, Prince (8 years) and Charlie (3 years)
My husband and myself are pensioners on a limited income, so are doing some of the jobs ourselves with the dogs now.
I have taken to grooming them myself, and am getting quite good at it. They don't have a problem at all with letting me do this. I have a Wahl Groomer.
I need some advice on clipping their claws and also (not as urgent) The best brush for brushing their ears! I have a metal comb and also one of those brushes with the long and the smaller inner prongs. But Charlies ears always look so lank with no shine, and sometimes the comb pulls hair out, so a recommendation for a good brush would be welcome.
Clipping their claws is a Nightmare. Both of them hate having their feet touched and Charlie growls and snaps as soon as he hears the "click" of the clippers. (We have the ones with the shield at the back, so you can't cut into the wick) I have tried just sitting with them and touching their feet whilt clicking the clippers, but nothing seems to work. I am worried about putting a musle on any of them, but I am very nervous when trying to clip them. Also, is this the best type of nail clipper to use?
Any ides would be very welcome