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Thread: How does one decide which neurologist to go to??

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    Default This forum and talking to others who had surgery helped the most

    I pray that Polly never needs to consult a neuro. But i also did some research on this months ago and it was a huge help. In my process, I talked to several Cavvie humans in the USA who had surgery for CM and also read as many posts here as I could find. I read Karlin's resources, Dr. Rusbridge website and too. After researching this and getting and her MRI results, I knew my priority was a neuro who really believed in and had experience with both decompression and using a mesh to replace the bone removed. I also decided that i preferred one who also covers the mesh with either swine tissue or some of the dog's own fat tissue. That is my OWN conclusion of what we wanted, not the perfect answer for all, so let me state that clearly. Once I narrowed that down, the options were not many. It immediately ruled out NC State and any other vet neuros in my area. Only a handful of folks do this in the Eastern USA. What led us to decide on Dr. Schubert and University of Florida was rave reviews about both...from everyone I talked to who had been his patient. Another well-known surgeon has moved to a different place...and much less accessible. The most well known place never called back despite several efforts. So.... It ended up being a less difficult choice than we expected. So far! I am VERY impressed with the hospital and Dr Schubert. But surgery is tomorrow. I think you will find somewhat similar situation in your area. There just are not that many options.

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    Erin, great post. I think, regardless of symptoms, the fact that you are doing research is fantastic. Of course, I hope you never have to go any further with it. But who knows, maybe your knowledge will help another.

    I am familiar with Dr. Michael Wolf. 13 years ago, we had consulted with him in regard to a neurological disorder my English Cocker had. From what I remember, he was a very caring knowledgeable Doctor. We had a very strange situation with my Cocker, that I won't take up space on this thread to talk about, but we spent 2 years trying to find answers, and he was the only one that seemed to be able to put a name to her disorder, though there was no definitive test for the disorder.

    My Vets are all graduates of Michigan State, but they sent me to Dr. Wolf, so I am sure they had/have great confidence in him. Right after I got Claire, I ran into a client at my Vets whose Cavalier had SM and had just had surgery. She actually owns, I think she said 3 Cav's. I could ask my Vet how her dog is and who she used for surgery. I had only learned of SM a few weeks before that when my Vet was educating me on it during our first visit with Claire. I didn't know of SM before that.
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