This morning I took Brooklyn down to the beach for a change of scenery on our morning walk together. We took this little path up away from the town and along the rocks. I cannot walk too far as I have a bone and nerve disease in my right leg (hard to explain), but I spotted a bench overlooking the water and thought "what a perfect place to walk to and have a break". I plopped down, happy that I had made it that one hand and Brooklyn sitting ever lovingly on the bench snuggled into my right side. We were alone, it was quite. All I could hear was the ocean and I thought how lucky I am to have this little furry being sitting next to me. What a gift. Life cannot get any better, she has completed the little hole that needed filling in my heart and now, with my husband, we are a family.

Then, I thought. I just sat there and thought for a while...thought about Brooklyn, her health, her future, her upcoming neurologist appointment...thought about all of you with your loving companions that have to struggle sometimes. I got out my iphone to take a pic of Brooky on the bench and post it up here, but then...that is when I read the post about Holly heading to the ER. I fell back. My heart sank. I held Brooklyn and just started to pray, really really hard. I asked all the angels to surround her and comfort her. Then, before I could stop them, tears just fell down. The world was so quiet up on this bench and it just allowed me to get out a lot of fear and feelings that I have been keeping in about Brooklyn's health (I feel if I worry in front of her, she will I stay happy, and her tail wags instead), about all our cavs, about why people have to go through things with such beautiful animals. I thought about little Gracie and her surgery tomorrow and I closed my eyes and prayed again. I hugged Brooklyn so hard, told her I loved her, I would always take care of her, and we walked home.

For those that are struggling with their little ones right now, from ER's to surgery tables, I just wanted you guys to know that I was thinking of you. xx