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Your post made me cry. You put into words so beautifully the things I had been wanting to say on this board for the past few days. Instead, I just stared at the blank screen and cried. It's so amazing how, con Cavalier Talk, we have become our own little community and family. We are spread out across the world and still have a wonderful connection.

Keeping you and Brooklyn in my thoughts as well as all of our Cavalier family.
I have to be honest, I avoided this post b/c I knew I would cry. I agree with others and above. I also pray for sydney. I'm so sorry you are going through what you are with brooklyn. You get to know people (or feel you do) like family even if you have never met anyone (except debra gracies mom). Like karen wrote on another post about life changing, my friends and people that supported me are virtually. Hugs and kisses to all

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