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    Default Zipperheads

    Its late and read comment on what it looks like from surgery. I think actually a human came up with term and contacted me and said hello from another zipperhead. I have been talking about ella and riley being zipperheads, I would share a picture and one from fellow zipperhead collage I did on facebook. Other cavalier is being medically treated and doing good.

    Now I know zipperheads might be cool and a new style, but not something one would opt to do to fit in if you are offended, then I will remove but I know it made me laugh when a fellow zipperhead (a person) welcomed ella to her club. What's the quote "guess they have to laugh sometimes because you will ball your eyes out if you didn't."

    I removed collage that I made even though posted on facebook, wanted permission to post here from owners

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    Default I love the term....

    I told one person that Gracie is going undercover as a skinhead to infiltrate the gangs in the UK.....and the scar is a zipper tattoo....the symbol of the dreaded Lickey Gang.

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    You have to laugh and smile a bit during the hard's good for the soul, and for the little fur friend you are caring for.

    How is Gracie this afternoon Debra?
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