This has been interesting reading, and, Karlin, I agree with much of what you say. I had a long phone conversation about this subject with Holly recently and shared my thoughts that it's really not a matter of a "right or wrong" decision because there is just way too much that is not known. It's more a matter of making a decision that is right for the owner rather than trying to make a decision that is right for the Cavalier since we simply don't have enough information to do that. For just about every other canine disease that I know, the "right" treatment plan is relatively easy for me to find. CM/SM is another category altogether. I choose not to go there.

I'll probably regret posting this since I have a rule not to make "personal info" posts - but what the heck.

I've had 12 Cavaliers since 1989, and I'm almost certain that I'll never get another. I've been very lucky and have had relatively healthy and very long-living Cavaliers. But I simply will NOT put myself in the position of having to make the decisions one must make with a dog with symptomatic CM/SM. Things have changed so much - if I were starting out in the breed now there is absolutely no way that I could have 12 Cavaliers beginning now and out into the future that would all be symptomless for CM/SM. So I believe that my current two are my last two.